Alumni Details

Alumni Association is administered by an Alumni Committee. The alumni association is very active in promoting interactions among the alumni, staff and the management. Besides helping the alumni in all possible ways, it also lends its support to the college to achieve its cherished goals, its vision and mission.

The Alumni Association has been very active over the years and has been a very strong link with ex-students. Every year around the month of December, the Association arranges Annual Alumni meet which has always had a great response. Students from almost the first batches to the most recent are seen to be back amongst their teachers and old friends. This occasion will provide a platform for sharing your intellectual, cultural, career and professional experiences not just with the present students but also with other alumni.

Besides the Annual meet, the Alumni Association has, over the years, collected data of all its members all over the globe. It perseveres in constantly collecting and updating information about its members. On-line registration is also possible. The Alumni Association welcomes all suggestions to make it an even more active forum.