Dr. T. Jaya
Professor & H.O.D of ECE

C.S.I Institute of Technology has been emphasizing on Research and development (R&D) in various areas of Engineering and Technology. Research and development flourishes where young minds generate new knowledge


  • Organizing National and International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops funded by the college and external agencies like AICTE, IEEE, ISTE, CSI, etc.
  • Encouraging Faculty Members and Students to apply for Patent right.
  • Encouraging Faculty Members to pursue Research.


The Vision for R&D department is to impart quality technical education theoretically and practically to make our scholars technologically superior and ethically stronger, who in turn shall enlighten the universe with the latest inventions.


The Mission of the R&D Department is to facilitate young Engineers to acquire technical exposure in the areas of Networks, Image Processing, VLSI and Power Electronics, Opto Devices, Medical Electronics and to provide World Class Technical Education. It also aims at career improvement and personality development to cope with the existing environment.

List of Recognized Supervisors
Name Department Ref. No Area Email
Dr. T. Jaya ECE 2640049 Image Processing, Networking, Opto device, VLSI
Dr. S. Wilfred Franklin ECE 2540079 Medical Image Processing
Research Laboratory
  • Electronics & Integrated Circuits Lab
  • Optical Communication
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Microwave and Fiber Optics lab
  • Microprocesor and Radio Frequency,
  • Computer lab with advanced software and internet acess.