Department Of Artificial Intelligence
Department Overview

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science was established in the year 2023. The goal of the department is to ensure the academic excellence in students with wide exposure of research and career opportunities. The unique undergraduate program - B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS), aims the students to acquire technical skills to perform data analytics, develop robotics automation systems and visualization in emerging real-time applications. Program envisions to equip students with the ability to identify and assess societal, health, safety and cultural issues with an emphasize on identifying their consequent responsibilities as engineers of offering optimal and effective solutions. The department is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to empower the students with the state of art technologies.

To Produce globally competent, innovative, Computing professionals to meet current challenges in the field of Artificial intelligence and Data Science with social responsibilities.
Offering well-balanced curriculum with state of the art technologies to impart professional competencies and transferable skills.
Bringing innovations in Teaching-Learning process through experienced learning and project/product based learning.
Collaborating National and International Industries and Academia to develop foresight technologies in Artificial intelligence and Data Science.