Department Of Mechanical Engineering
Department Overview

The department beacons the students towards contemporary ideas in the field of computer engineering by mastering them in areas like System Software, Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Concepts, Internet & Web Technologies, Visual Programming, Compiler Design, Analog and Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing etc.

Under Graduate:
B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
Post Graduate:
M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
M.E. Computer and Communication Engineering

This department has four laboratories and a Computer Centre which are equipped with latest computers(core 2 quad and i3) the total of 250 computers. There are four IBM Dual Process Servers which run Windows 2003 Advanced Server, Linux and Database Server that are connected with systems through state of art networking with the use of manageable and auto sensing switches. Students have complete access to the Internet in the Computer Centre and in the laboratories. Each student of the CSE department, is given a new mail account from the college, for their project purposes.

Latest software available

Novell Netware, Windows 2003 Server, Windows NT(Seminar and Workstation), Windows NT(Server and Workstation),Linux, Oracle 9i, Power Builder, Visual Studio.NET, MS Office 2003, JDK, Borland C++, Adobe Photoshop Rational Suite, Macromedia collections.